I am Camila Hollemans, brazilian, and I live in the Netherlands since 2010 with my husband and our two beaultiful daughters. All my life, I was always interested in how to improve our well-being and bring balance and harmony in our lives. With that in mind, I have studied massage techniques, Ayurveda, Reiki and Yoga, and for many years i was really happy changing people´s life for the better.

When I came to the Netherlands with my husband and gave birth our two girls, with completely different experiences, I felt a strong urge to support women during the significant event that birth is. The moment of birth is crucial in a woman´s life, and it will deeply affect her from that moment on. Because of that, I wanted to support and be beside women, offering emotional and psycological support, as I know how important it is to feel safe and cared, in the overwhelming act of birth.

With that in mind, I find the professional course for Doula, and that was like a dream come true! Now I can gather all my studies and experience, to do what I discovered I do best. Empower, heal and care for women in this spectacular and challenging moment that birth is.

Specially as a foreigner, I deeply understantd how we feel living far away from our beloved ones and being expecting a baby. The transformation in a mother is even harder, but at the same time, so beaultiful to be able to write your history with your own words and desires.

It is a pleasure for me to be by your side in your pregnancy, birth and post-partum period, with all my knowledge and experience, and make this unique moment the best it can get. I am here for you!