Camila Hollemans, Doula contract

• Three prenatal consultations to prepare for the birth and the Birth Plan
• Unlimited contact by email and telephone during pregnancy and in consecutive weeks at birth
• Continuous follow-up during birth and up to 2 hours after (this includes physical, emotional and informative support for the client and his partner)
• Assistance to establish a positive relationship for breastfeeding
• Post-partum visit to assist with breastfeeding and emotional and / or psychological support

As a doula, I will not conduct any kind of medical examination, such as vaginal exams, or blood pressure tests, etc. My role is to provide physical and emotional comfort during birth and to ensure that the client’s wishes are guaranteed if possible.
I will not make decisions for the client, but I will provide all the information I have at my disposal to the client make the best decision possible when necessary.
I will encourage you to communicate with your midwife and remind you of your birth desires so that they can be reached where possible.
We will discuss all options, but the responsibility remains with you and your partner to communicate with your midwife.
If desired, I will be able to take pictures of the birth, but I am not a professional photographer and I will not be responsible for any loss or damage of the photos.
If I think the client or baby needs medical attention, I should contact the trained professionals and make sure the assistance arrives before I leave.

Contact the doula as soon as you realize you are in labor, even if you don’t need any help. My phone number is 0031634338955.
At the moment I can answer all questions, and if necessary to support you by phone. I also make personal preparations to ensure that I am physically with the client when necessary.
I will communicate and together we will decide the best time for me to be with the client.
It takes about 1 hour to get to the client, from the moment we decide I should be there.
There will be no refund in case there is no notification from the client and there is no time for me to be present, or if the baby is already born when I arrive.


  • In case the client has a very fast delivery and the baby is born before I arrive, I will do my best and work overtime in postpartum care. (This may include homework, cleaning, babysitting other children, breastfeeding support)
  • In the event of an unplanned C-section, only one person is admitted to the operating room. If the client wants me to stay there will be no problem, or if the client wants the partner or someone else I will stay close and wait for the baby to be born to provide comfort and rest

Client’s information is private and confidential, I will not disclose information to third parties. Only in case i need information, I can share with the relevant medical specialist.

The fee for the Camila Hollemans, doula birth support is € 950.00.
Fees are paid in cash or by bank transfer to NL55 INGB 0421 3954 51 C Brasolin de Oliveira

Any additional fees charged by the Bank are the responsibility of the client to pay.
Fees for any expenses, such as gasoline, train, parking, will be sent at the end of the provided service.


If the client wants to stop the service at any time, the initial fee will not be refunded.

For cancelation after 24 weeks of pregnancy, the full amount should be paid.

Any shortcoming, such as expiration of the terms of this contract, failure and / or lack of communication with doula, or lack of payment of fees, will terminate this contract immediately.

I learned and understood the services provided and agreed to the terms of this contract.

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