Bengkung Belly

Bengkung Belly binding is a really beautiful practice of Postpartum Selfcare. It can be done after 5 days of giving birth, when mama feels like it will help give support for the back and pelvic floor, and can be used for a month. It also helps with the feeling of having the organs loose in your belly and prevent diastases.
Other benefits of the practice are:
*Decreased pain during recovery
*Lessens swelling after birth
*Helps to close the abdominal walls and the organs to come back to place quicker
*It supports your pelvic floor
*Provides emotional support opportunities
I teach you to do it by yourself, so that you feel how much it needs to be tighten. It is important to not thigh too much, and still allow the muscles to make effort to come back to place.
Traditional Ayurvedic approaches believe that giving birth creates air in the womb that needs to be warmed and nourished, and belly binding provides that comfort.

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