Breech Birth!

Breech birth is getting more popular here in Holland, since the doctors are more specialized and confident in doing it. Still, it remains a big decision. Because when you know you have a breech baby, you have the option of having a cesarian.
It is necessary to go even deeper in the process. Weighing statistics, information, emotions, personal hystory and the trust in medical care, this client of mine decided to go natural. She felt supported by everyone around her when she made this decision from her heart.
The night she went in labour the baby changed feet first and nobody knew it. I saw it was a suprise for the doctors, but they remain confident, so we also.
And like this she came into the world. Feet first! In an atmosphere of confidence, strengh, love and excitment. It was amazing for me, to see the experience from the doctors, because it is not an ordinary birth, and above all the power of this mother, that had to push her baby out like i never saw before.
For all women that are reading this, never doubt that, your power limitless…

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