I have always studied and worked for the improvement of well-being. With the study of body therapies such as massages, Reiki, Aromatherapy, Yoga and meditation, I have been expanding my knowledge and now I integrate all of them in my work as a Doula.


My philosophy is that the woman must be at the center of this transformation process, which goes far beyond the birth itself. Pregnancy, childbirth and then the immediate postpartum period are events that cannot be separated, which is why I provide my complete assistance throughout this journey. Together with the Doula Certification, i also completed studies:

Baby’s Perspective on Birth, Breastfeeding Consultant, Homeophaty for Pregnancy and Birth, Rebozo workshop, Pregnancy massage therapist, Biomechanicals for Birth (including Spinning babies) and Hypnobirthing.

And I keep studying and adding tools to my work, which is also essentially instinctive. With my own experience as a mother, woman, wife, entrepreneur, sister, daughter, I authentically and truly support the new families that are forming.



This is our family!
They are the ones who encourage me, support me and give me the strength to fulfill my dreams.
One ​​of them was becoming a Doula, and I have to say that none of this would be possible without this guy in the picture. It is he who holds the ends when I suddenly have to leave, not knowing when I will return. When the work hours were long and intense, and then I still need time to land and get back to the routine of the house. And he still loves hearing the stories…
The kids gradually understand what I do, and why sometimes they wake up and I’m not home. And when I arrive they love to see the pictures of the babies.
The eldest, for now, has decided not to have children. I don’t know if I’m setting a good example, but she sure knows where babies come from 😉
The truth is, I do what I do because of them. They were the ones who awakened in me this passion for motherhood, and it is him who embraces my dreams with me and gives support to make it happen. This is my base!

Especially as an expat, I deeply understand how it feels living away from our loved ones, and expecting a baby. The individual support and care that i offer brings joy and a deep satisfaction for taking care of yourself and your baby.

It is a pleasure for me to be by your side during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. With all my knowledge and experience, bringing confidence and joy to the new family that is forming.

With love,

Camila Hollemans