What do you get with me by your side, as your Doula?


A new impression of birth:
it often happens that you change your view of birth, or even your birth plan, according to the confidence you acquire during the preparation i offer you;


Positive and pleasant expectation about birth:
with all the information and techniques you learn, it’s much easier to feel more confident and secure for what’s to come;


Confidence in your body, yourself and your baby:
you learn to work the mindset for birth, and how it influences your body, allowing your body and your baby work together during birth;


You know exactly how birth happens physiologically:
in our meetings i will teach you the Physiology of birth;


Knows how to relax during contractions:
you learn different relaxation techniques, in addition to having the physical, emotional and psychological support;


Partner support (if any):
your partner also knows much better what to do, and also feels more confident about birth;


Increased chance of a positive experience:
after all, I create an unique intimacy with you, and know exactly what you need in this special and magical moment in your life.