Birth and/or Postpartum doula

Birth brings a deep and transformative process of love, with your challenges and rewards. The immense power of a positive birth experience provides you with trust and power to begin parenthood with joy and confidence. My goal is to support parents create the best experience possible, regardless of the challenges that arise.

During the preparatory meetings we will discuss breathing techniques, birth positions, exercises and movements, the process of childbirth, hormones, intensity of labour, how to deal with it, the role of and support of your partner, but also all your questions and wishes.

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Birth doula
This service includes:

  • 4 meetings to prepare for birth, breastfeeding and puerperium
    (everything that includes the Mindful Birth Course);
  • Unlimited phone and email support during work hours;
  • 24/7 availability from 37 weeks until 42;
  • Continuous presence throughout labor, up to 2 hours after the baby is born;
  • Print of the placenta, when desired;
  • Moxa to induce labor (when necessary, after 41 weeks);
  • Breastfeeding advice when desired;
  • 1 postpartum visit.

€1385 incl BTW


Anytime Doula
This service include:

  • 1 meeting to prepare for birth
  • Unlimited phone and email support during work hours;
  • 24/7 availability from 37 weeks to 42;
  • Continuous presence throughout labor, up to 2 hours after the baby is born;
  • Print of placenta, when desired;
  • Moxa to induce labor (when needed, after 41 weeks);
  • 1 postpartum visit;

€1115 incl BTW


Birth Doula and Hypnobirthing
This service includes:

  • 4 meetings to prepare for birth, breastfeeding and pastpartum,
    including extra prenatal sessions described below, and everything that includes the Hypnobirthing Course);
  • Unlimited phone and email support during work hours;
  • 24/7 availability from 37 weeks to 42;
  • Continuous presence throughout labor, up to 2 hours after the baby is born;
  • Print of placenta, when desired;
  • Moxa to induce labor (when needed, after 41 weeks);
  • Breastfeeding advice when desired;
  • 2 postpartum visit;
  • Postpartum massage.

€1585 incl BTW


Additional prenatal sessions or extra services can include

  • Moxa treatment for breech baby or stimulate labour after 41 weeks.
  • Relaxation massage
  • Optimal Fetal Positioning exercises for the pelvic floor (1 hour).
  • Yoga session (1 hour).
  • Private breathing session (1hour).
  • Bellybinding


Exclusive Postpartum Doula

For the extra support in the postpartum period, i offer:

Breastfeeding knowledge, support, and assistance
Helping with newborn care, such as diaper changes, naps, and feedings
Helping your family learn and become comfortable with baby soothing and bonding methods
Caring for the baby so parents can take a nap, shower, or eat a meal
Helping with mom’s post-birth comfort measures
Preparing a light meal
Taking care of light household cleaning, such as dishes, tidying up, laundry or groceries.
If I notice that something doesn’t go well, I will refer to the specific professional that can help you.

The cost is 35,- euros per hour, for max 4 hours per day/5 days a week. The amount of hours and days we can agree later.

Courses and extras

The Hypnobirthing Course is for you who want to be informed and feel confident to fully experience your birth. In addition to learning the physiology of labor, you and your partner (if any) will also learn practical knowledge of how to go through each stage of labor. Your partner also learns how to be present and offer support for you.
There are many benefits to do this course, but here is some of them:

  • You will how your body is designed to give birth

  • You will learn how to make birth easier and shorter

  • You will have techniques to help you relax and manage the contractions, making birth more comfortable

  • How to help baby into a more optimal position

  • Reduces the need for painkillers and other interventions

  • Gives birth partner important information and techniques to help him know what to do and how to help 

  • You will be fully informed about the birth process 

  • Helps you make informed decisions

  • You will feel more confident talking with the care providers

  • You will work as a team and build a strong conexion for birth and beyond
  • Usually it feels more satisfyed after birth

  • It is about taking control of your birth experience, and being prepared for challenges that might arise

If you want to breastfeed, I pay special attention to this topic, including how to prepare for Breastfeeding and Postpartum Consultation.
The best way for you to feel safe and confident, and fully prepare for the challenges of birth. 

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The course includes the following themes:

Physiology of Birth
How your mind influences labor and techniques for mental preparation
Hypnobirthing techniques for pregnancy, birth and post-partum
Guide for preparing your Birth Plan
Natural pain relief techniques
Bio-mechanical of the pelvis
Natural labor induction
The Golden Hour
Audios, parents handout and visualizations

The Course is given in 2 pre-natal sessions of 1,5 hour

€350 incl BTW


Extra treatments

1 day Childbirth Course

This 1-day course lasts 2 hours. I will prepare you and your partner (if any) for the day of the birth, with the following themes:

Introduction to Physiology of labor
How Dutch Healthcare system works
Different stages of labor
Breathing techniques
Freedom of movement, taking different laboring positions
Birth Pain relief possibilities – Non-pharmacological Vs Pharmacological

€120 incl BTW

Physical preparation for childbirth

In a 1.5 hour session, I will teach you how to physically prepare for childbirth with simple yoga-based exercises that can be done daily. I will also explain how the baby is positioned in the pelvis during birth, and which positions are best suited to help the baby pass through the pelvis. These techniques are based on Spinning babies and Optimal Birth.

€120 incl BTW


Rebozo Closing Ritual

A Rebozo closure ritual is performed 40 days after birth. In this session, which lasts about 3 hours, the focus is on gathering energy after your body has given so much during pregnancy and birth. The session starts with a hot bath and a massage with different aromas and then you will be wrapped up in the Rebozo cloths. Because of the close-fitting effect of the cloths, you will first feel firmly embraced and energized. When unpacked, you will feel rooted and strong to keep on going the journey of motherhood. For practical reasons and more benefits of the Ritual, i will do it together with another Doula.

€250 incl BTW



Bengkung Belly Binding is a method from Malaysia that binds the belly after birth with a long, narrow piece of 10-17 meters cloth. The hips and part of the woman’s ribs are also included. This aids in the mother’s postpartum recovery, as binding the abdomen helps to return the organs and muscles to their original place. This makes it easier for women who have just given birth to regain an upright posture more quickly and prevent back pain. First i will give you a relaxation massage, and after i will teach you how to place the cloth and get it out. You can do that after 4 days of a vaginal birth, or 4 weeks after a c-section, until 40 days after birth.

€120 incl BTW (incl cloth)

Breastfeeding Consulting

Yes, breastfeeding is instinctual. But not just instinctive. Information is important, proper support is important, but you also need to connect with the baby.
Instinct is visceral. The baby is born with a sucking instinct (and so many more), and right after birth, the mother produces the food he needs. But why is it so difficult to breastfeed sometimes?
Because many times we are not connected with ourselves, and with the baby. Adjust the handle, milking, cold compress, hot compress… And breastfeeding becomes a daily struggle.
The fear of doing something wrong, or not having enough milk. External interference, family or professional, that right away offers you a plastic nipple with the message: you won’t make it without it… It drains your energy and you can’t look inside. Forget looking at the baby and communicate with him, even if it’s just by looking.
It’s hard to listen to your instincts when someone is looking at you and trying to interfere all the time.
By taking your time, being alone with your baby, nurturing him with love, touch, and security, you’ll know if something is wrong. You may not know what it is, then i am by your side to help alog the way.

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How can I help you:

If you need a Breastfeeding Consultant after your baby is born, for a specific challenge, a visit can be very helpful.

Consultation of approx. 1 hour and a half: €120 incl BTW

If you want to prepare for breastfeeding and have an online or in-person consultation, I offer a 1-day course plus 1 day postpartum consultation.

Course + Online or face-to-face consultation: €220 incl BTW


Body Therapist since 2009, I learned over these years techniques such as: Ayurvedic, Cranio-sacral, Californian, always with a touch of Reiki.
During my meetings with pregnant women, I realize how much this tool helps in the process of birth and maternity. It can be right at the beginning, bringing clarity to decision-making, or later, bringing relaxation and balance to the moment of receiving the baby.

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Massage during birth is almost always used for pain relief. In postpartum, it helps to bring the awareness of a new body, now without the baby inside.
In my work, massage is therapy far beyond the body. It is an essential and fundamental part of what I do. A tool always ready for when you want or need it.

You can choose diferent types of massage, such as:

  • Full body massage
  • Postpartum massage
  • Shantala (baby massage)
  • Rebozo massage

I give individual massages in Amsterdam. If you are interested, get in touch. It will be a pleasure to welcome you!

Single: €80 or

Package with 5 massages: €350 incl BTW