As they say, when a baby is born, a mother is also born. The days following birth are overwhelming and exhausting for new parents. Having support in the postpartum period brings calmness, security and some relaxation during this rollercoaster of feelings and new skills to discover.

During the postpartum care I will offer you:

  • Breastfeeding support
  • Bonding time for Mom and newborn
  • Assistance with the newborn care
  • Care for older children at home
  • Meal preparation
  • Light household tasks
  • Grocery shopping
  • Time for rest and naps for mom
  • Emotional support for the new family
  • Self-care time for mom

Here in The Netherlands we have an unique service that is called Kraamzorg. A nurse comes to your place, takes care of you and your baby, and help with the household for about 8 days. This helps you a lot! But it can be a short time, and this person will not have the connection with you and your family as your Doula has. In that regard, the postpartum Doula will bring you the rest and security that you need, to have the better start you can in your new life.