Childbirth is a great journey. And like any big journey, it requires preparation and planning. In addition to educate you for birth, as a Doula, I also offer you emotional, physical and psychological support. I am that hand that walks by your side bringing you confidence, that knows your desires and what you need during your trip.

What do you get with me by your side, as your doula?

  • A new impression about birth: you often change your point of view about birth, or even your birth plan. According to the confidence you build during the preparation that we do together;
  • Positive and pleasant expectation about birth: with all the information and techniques you learn, it is much easier to feel more confident and safe for what is to come;
  • Trust in your body, you and your baby: you learn to work with your mind and how it influences your body, so that your body and your baby work together during birth;
  • You know exactly hoe birth happens physiologically: yes, you can choose, along with the Doula support, to have a complete course, or you will learn everything you need to know in our meetings;
  • You know how to relax during contractions: you learn different relaxation techniques, in addition to having physical, emotional and psychological support;
  • Partner support (if any): your partner also knows much better what to do, and also feels more secure about birth;
  • Greater chance of a positive experience: after all, a Doula creates an unique intimacy with you, and knows exactly what you need in this very special and magical moment of your life;
  • I am always available to visit you and meet in person. So you can ask any questions you want and make your decision.

Together we can have a look at what you need , so that you can move towards your birth in a confident and empowered way.

Birth is the first page of your journey into motherhood, into parenting. You deserve that start to be positive, empowered and respectful.

My philosophy is that you should be central in your journey, and fully experience your transformation process.

It is your birth, your body, your baby and your choices.

I am with you every step of the way , supporting and believing in you.

You have me as your personal guidance and my knowledge about birth, the Dutch birth care system, your rights, options and choices

will help you to find clarity and confidence.

All the support so you get a clear picture of what you want and need.

If you have a partner i work for him/her as well, so that he/she support you in the best way possible.

If a Doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.

-John. H Kennell